Toshkëz - Lushnje

To the north of the river Seman, around the centuries-old church of St. George are cultivated
wonderful vineyards which are the source of our incomparable wine and rakia.

We were born to work with the values that nature has given us and to create a higher value with them.

Our wine comes from the best elements of the surrounding nature with special characteristics in the process of its production and maturation.

We cultivate a qualitative and sustainable vineyard that is intended to last for many years on the ground, by aiming for a better future of our territory.

The water of the Seman River, the fertile soil, the light breezes and the mild climate of the field of Myzeqe, make our production of a high quality.


About us

Winery Enofama sh.p.k.

For more than 20 years, we have been producing wine and rakia using the grapes we cultivate in our 30-hectare vineyard in a considerable amount nationally. The establishment of our first vineyard dates back in 1998,  which was followed by other areas and a variety of sorts.


Rakia and Wine

We make sure to have a qualitative, safe and healthy product, from the first stages in the vineyard and we continue even after the grape harvest in the winery, step by step.

After pressing the grapes, the juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks and also stored in stainless steel containers or concrete tanks depending on the final product.

The Rakia is distilled in high quality copper and stainless steel containers while preserving the values of the product and adding a pleasant taste and pure color.

Our products are traded all over Albania, restaurants, bars or markets / supermarkets.


Grapes and Vineyards

With a considerable surface but with the desire to make it bigger every day, we have created a vineyard where we get the best from it.

In a wonderful area for agriculture, the vine is a plant that is being planted more and more from year to year.

In grapes we get an optimal color, high sweetness and a satisfactory acidity for a qualitative and desired final product.

Our products

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